Open source webrtc stack implementation in go.

The gortc project aims to implement WebRTC protocol in golang, providing interoperability between golang clients (or servers), browsers (or other agents, e.g. node-js implementation).

Original author

I'm Aleksandr Razumov (ernado), full time go developer with commercial experience starting from 2014 (and non-go from 2011) and currently working at German company not related to project.




Thanks JetBrains for support!

The gortc project uses TeamCity as CI/CD tool that greatly simplifies running a lot of end-to-end and cross-tests for each sub-project.

The provided OpenSource license allows project not doing compromise on reliability.


Thanks so much for contribution to the gortc project:


Project is in active development, but some of the build blocks are already implemented. Now you can:



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Contributions and bug reports are welcome. Source code is in gortc/web repo.