Open source webrtc stack implementation in go.

The gortc project aims to implement WebRTC protocol in golang, providing interoperability between golang clients (or servers), browsers (or other agents, e.g. node-js implementation).

Current focus is reliable UDP connectivity between go clients behind NAT.




Thanks JetBrains for support!

The gortc project uses TeamCity as CI/CD tool that greatly simplifies running a lot of end-to-end and cross-tests for each sub-project.

The provided OpenSource license allows project not doing compromise on reliability.


Thanks so much for contribution to the gortc project:


Project is in active development, but some of the build blocks are already implemented. Check github organization for available code.

Original author

I'm Aleksandr Razumov (ernado), Senior Go Developer with commercial experience starting from 2014 (and non-go from 2011) and currently working at unrelated highload project.



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Contributions and bug reports are welcome. Source code is in gortc/web repo.